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Trey Surtees
After moving to Hawaii in 1978, Trey became artist in residence at large hotel/resorts on Oahu, Maui and on the Big Island. Trey has quickly become one of the most versatile seascape, surf art, and tiki art painters in Hawaii today. His paintings are in private collections around the world, from the U.S. to Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and Australia. His passion for surfing and kayaking has inspired Trey to translate to canvas, for others to experience, his love of the ocean and all its power and majesty.
Hawaii Sunset, Seascape, Volcano, Surf Art, Crazy Tiki, Tribal Art Paintings and Surfboards
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"Tribal Barracuda"
"Tiki Bar Scene" Sold
Trey Surtees Studios
Trey Surtees
Located in Hawaii, Trey Surtees offers a wide variety of Hawaiian art ranging from Seascapes, Surf Art,
Crazy Tiki Art, Tribal Art and Volcanoscapes
Original Paintings by Trey Surtees