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About Trey Surtees Studios
Hawaii Seascape and Crazy Tiki artist Trey Surtees, was born in Pensacola, Florida. His father was a very talented artist and had the most influence on the creative endeavors of Trey's life. His mother was also an artist and specialized in floral paintings. Starting out as a caricature, portrait and airbrush artist, he later followed his passion and became a painter of the sea. His passion for surfing and kayaking has inspired Trey to translate to canvas, for others to experience, his love of the ocean and all its power and majesty.

After deciding to diversify his styles and portfolio, he thought it was time to get back to his roots of cartooning and chose to breathe new life into the Crazy Tiki characters that he created almost 25 years ago for a comic strip concept. That decision has made his Crazy Tiki Art a wildly popular new art form. Color combinations ranging from natural earth tones to vivid translucent colors, are then combined with the humor and personalities of the Crazy Tikis that now occupy that lost island world Trey has created for them. The creativity and humor of his paintings, spark the imagination of the viewer to read into every painting, their own story line. Trey ultimately decided to bring his Crazy Tiki characters to life for the enjoyment of others. "The visual description of humor, has the impact like no other art form" says Trey, "You can take artistic license to a whole new and unexplored dimension".

Trey has quickly become one of the most versatile seascape, surf, tiki artists in Hawaii. His paintings are in private collections around the world, from the U.S. to Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and Australia.

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